Setting a colour balance

The Red, Green and Blue Bias controls.
The Red, Green and Blue Bias controls.

The Red Bias Reduce, Green Bias Reduce and Blue Bias Reduce factors are the most important settings in the Color module. They directly determine the colour balance in your image. Their operation is intuitive; too much red in your image? Pump up the 'Red Bias Reduce' value. Too little red in your image? Reduce the 'Red Bias Reduce' value.

If you'd rather operate on these values in terms of Bias Increase, then simply switch the 'Bias Slider Mode' setting to 'Sliders Increase Color Bias'.

Switching between these two modes you can see that, for example, a RedBias Reduce of 8.00 is the same as a Green and Blue Bias Increase of 8.00. It makes intuitive sense when you think about it - a relative decrease of red makes blue and green more prevalent and vice versa.


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