Using masks from startools.log

StarTools stores the masks you used in your workflow in the StarTools.log file itself. This StarTools.log file is located in the same folder as the executables. The masks are encoded as BASE64 PNG images. To convert the BASE64 text into loadable PNG images, you can use any online (or offline) BASE64 converter tool.

The part to copy and paste, typically starts with;


Online BASE64 converter by Motobit

One online tool for BASE64 is Motobit Software's BASE64 encoder/decoder.

To use it to convert StarTools masks back into importable PNG files;

  • Paste the BASE64 code into the text box
  • Select the 'decode the data from a Base64 string (base64 decoding)' radio button
  • Select the 'export to a binary file, filename:' radio button.
  • Name the file for example "mask.png"
  • Click the convert the source data button.

This should result in a download of the mask as a PNG file which can be imported into the StarTools mask editor, as welll as other applications.