Develop: Stretching with Photographic Film Emulation

Top: linear image, Bottom: image developed by photographic film curve using Develop module by 'homing in'. Notice the lack of star bloat, courtesy of the automatic black and white point detection.

The Develop module was created from the ground up as an alternative the classic Digital Development algorithm that attempts to emulate classic film response when first developing a raw stacked image.

It effectively functions as a digital 'dark room' where your prized raw signal is developed and readied for further processing.

Automated black and white point detection ensures your signal never clips, while making histogram checking a thing of the past. A semi-automated 'homing in feature' attempts to find the optimal settings that bring out as much detail as possible, while still adhering to the Digital Development curve.

The Development module, along with the Auto Develop, HDR and Contrast modules is part of StarTools' automated stretching solution, making endless curve tweaking and histogram checking a thing of the past; leaving the guesswork to the computer means attaining superior results.


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