Modes of operation

The SVDecon module can operate in several implicit modes, depending on how many star samples - if any - are provided;

  • When no star samples are provided, the SVDecon module will operate in a similar way to the pre-1.7 deconvolution modules.; a selection of synthetic models are available to model one specific atmospheric or optical distortion that is true for the entire image.
  • When one star sample is provided, the SVDecon module will operate in a way similar to the 1.7 module (though somewhat more effectively); a single sample provides the atmospheric distortion model for the entire image, while an optional synthetic optics model provides further refinement.
  • When multiple star samples are provided, the SVDecon module will operate in the most advanced way. Multiple samples provide a distortion model that varies per location in the image. An optional optical synthetic model may be used for further refinement, though is usually best turned off.

The latter mode of operation is usually the preferred and recommended way of using the module, and takes full advantage of the module's unique spatially variant PSF modelling and correction capabilities.

The module automatically grays out parameters that are not being used, and may also change (zero-out or disable) some parameters in line with the different modes as they are accessed.

When the subject is lunar or planetary in nature, no star samples are typically available. The "Planetary/Lunar" preset button configures the module for optimal use in these situations.

Finally, details of the mode being used, are reflected in the message below the image window.