Lunar, planetary and solar

Deconvolution of Juipter before and after.
The Deconvolution module in StarTools is also exceptionally well suited to planetary, lunar and solar datasets.

Deconvolution of planetary, solar and lunar images can be achieved as well by switching 'Image Type' to 'Lunar/Planetary'. The difference between 'Deep Space' and 'Lunar/Planetary' mode, is the way reconstructed highlights are treated. In the case of the 'Deep Space' setting, reconstructed highlights are allowed to overexpose (like any over-exposing stars in your image). In other words, dynamic range of the entire image is not adjusted to accommodate the reconstructed detail. However, in the case of a 'Lunar/Planetary' image, reconstructed highlights are allocated additional dynamic range, as to not make them overexpose. Note that this assumes there are no prior over-exposing areas (such as bright stars) in the source image.

Planetary, solar and lunar images will require a much less aggressive de-ringing strategy, so the 'Enhanced Deringing' parameter can usually be safely set to 0%.