Lunar, planetary and solar

Deconvolution of planetary, solar and lunar images can be achieved as well by switching 'Image Type' to 'Lunar/Planetary'. The difference between 'Deep Space' and 'Lunar/Planetary' mode, is the way reconstructed highlights are treated. In the case of the 'Deep Space' setting, reconstructed highlights are allowed to overexpose (like any over-exposing stars in your image). In other words, dynamic range of the entire image is not adjusted to accommodate the reconstructed detail. However, in the case of a 'Lunar/Planetary' image, reconstructed highlights are allocated additional dynamic range, as to not make them overexpose. Note that this assumes there are no prior over-exposing areas in the source image.

Planetary, solar and lunar images will require a much less aggressive de-ringing strategy, so the 'Enhanced Deringing' parameter can usually be safely set to 0%.