Tracking is the solution

In this example, brightness has been deliberately modified locally (top right), enhancing contrast. Yet StarTools still knows exactly where the noise grain is, even in images that have had their brightness modified locally like this. It does not touch the dark detail in the galaxy, but effectively noise reduces other dark parts that have visible noise grain.

Tracking is time travel

Tracking in StarTools makes sure that every module and algorithm can trace back how a pixel was modified at any point in time. It is the Tracking engine's job to allow modules and algorithms "travel in time" to consult data and even change data (changing the past), and then forward-propagate the changes to the present.

The latter sees the Tracking module re-apply every operation made since that point in time, however with the changed data as a starting point; changing the past for a better future. This is effectively signal processing in three dimensions; X, Y and time (X, Y, t).