Is my GPU or iGPU compatible?

StarTools supports virtually all modern GPUs and iGPUs on all modern Operating Systems.

StarTools is compatible with any GPU drivers that support OpenCL 1.1 or later. Almost all GPU released after ~2012 have such drivers are available.

StarTools GPU acceleration has been successfully tested on Windows, macOS and Linux with;

  • Nvida GT/GTS/GTX 400, 500, 600, 700, 900 and 1000 series
  • Nvidia RTX 2000 series
  • AMD HD 6700 series, HD 7800 series, HD 7900 series, R9 series, RX 400/500 series, RX Vega series, RX 5000 series
  • Intel HD 4000, HD 5000, UHD 620, UHD 630

Please note that if you card's chipset is not listed, StarTools may still work. If it does not (or does not do so reliably), please contact us.