Advanced parameters

A number of controls for advanced use and special cases are available.

The 'Corner aggressiveness' lets the user specify a different aggressiveness value for the corners of the image. This can be useful if gradients become stronger in just the corners and can help ameliorate vignetting. The 'Drop off point' determines how far from the center of the image the 'Corner aggressiveness' starts taking over from the main 'Aggressiveness' parameter. At 100% for the 'Drop off point', no effect is visible (e.g. only the main 'Aggressiveness' parameter is used) since the' Corner aggressiveness' only comes into effect 100% of the way between the center of the image and the corners.

The 'Precision' parameter can help when dealing with rapidly changing (e.g. undulating) gradients combined with high 'Aggressiveness' values.

The 'Mode' parameter allows for the selection of what aspect of the image should be corrected by Wipe;

  • Correct color and brightness; removes both colour and brightness bias across the image.
  • Correct color only; removies color casts but does not impact brightness bias.
  • Correct brightness only; retains color but corrects brightness bias. This mode is useful when processing narrowband data, or data that was not acquired on earth (for example Hubble Space Telescope data).