Life: Global Light Diffraction Remodeling of Large Scale Structures

A before and after image showing the Life module's 'Isolate' preset in action.
The Life module's Isolate preset at work, 'pushing back' a busy star field and refocusing attention on the nebulosity.

The Life module brings back 'life' into an image by remodelling uniform light diffraction, helping larger scale structures such as nebulae and galaxies stand out and (re)take center stage.

Throughout the various processing stages, light diffraction (a subtle 'glow' of very bright objects due to lens or mirror diffraction) may be distorted and suppressed through the various ways dynamic range is manipulated, sometimes leaving an image 'flat' and 'lifeless'. The Life module attempts to restore light diffraction uniformly throughout a processed image, imparting a natural sense of depth and ambiance to an image that was otherwise lost. In many ways it's the anti-HDR module.

The Life module may additionally be used locally by means of a mask. In this case the Life module can be used to isolate objects in an image and lift them from an otherwise noisy background. By having the Life module augment an object's super-structure, faint objects that were otherwise unsalvageable can be made to stand out from the background.

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