Image Processing Software for Astrophotography

StarTools is a new image post-processing application, designed from the ground up for astronomical images.

Its novel non-linear processing engine does away with the limitations traditional astrophotography packages impose, while leap frogging such packages in areas of signal preservation and noise reduction.

Advanced astrophotographers will achieve markedly better results thanks to its continuous noise Tracking and data mining algorithms, while beginners will appreciate its ease of use and signal preservation safeguards.

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  • About

    What is StarTools?

    StarTools is a new, not-for profit endeavour, attempting to lower the bar to entry into astrophotography, by capitalising on the recently established pervasiveness of cheap CPU cycles and RAM.

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  • Modules

    Module features and documentation

    StarTools comprises several modules, each offering deep, state-of-the-art functionality that rival (and often improve on) what's available in other astrophotography software.

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  • Tracking


    StarTools' "Tracking" data mining feature is responsible for the markedly superior results when compared to other software. Why do we feel totally confident making such a bold claim? Let us explain;

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